Tools For Website Owner

 Security and stability

Semalt is perfect for both small businesses and business giants.  The service is capable of working with large data volumes. With its servers present all over the globe, Semalt can operate in any country without effort, providing the highest stability possible.

Google is an enormous corporation, providing Internet users with A-class data search for free. But it is also a business role model for Google makes millions on advertisement, context advertisement in particular. We see that kind of advertisement every day. The idea is ingeniously simple: for a certain prince the links are placed in the top of search results, way ahead of the opponents. What follows next are the organic search results i.e. suggestion-relevant websites that didn’t buy their positions.

Large corporations prefer context advertisement for its individual display. Suppose you have been looking for a gym recently. Next time you come to the website with an ad-block you will be shown gym ads from your IP-address.  Convenient for users, profitable for entrepreneurs.

Context advertisement is far from cheap. You have one click to beat your opponents’ rates and get to TOP search results. In high-competition fields one click may cost over 50$! Can you imagine the budget necessary to get ahead of your competitors?