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Why Should You Choose Prefabricated Staircases Over Site Built Ones?

What would you prefer more a self-cooked meal or a meal conveniently served to you at your doorstep so that you don’t have to spend those sweaty hours in the kitchen? I know what you are going to choose! Somewhat similar is the comparison between prefabricated Thestaircompanyuk Staircases and site built ones. Read on to know why YOU should go for them:​

If you are planning to get your home refurbished or just having those things done, which you couldn’t get done earlier due to various reasons, then this is the thing you should be going for.​

It doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on just getting a new staircase built, so the most viable option for you can be prefabricated stairs which can be chosen according to the new styling of your house. So this doesn’t make you compromise on your designing and at the same time gives you the house you always wanted, with that perfect staircase to match!​

​Getting that perfect home constructed- the one you always wanted?

Site built stairs are expensive and it’s a fact that should be kept in mind while you are planning your dream home. It is an unnecessary addition in your budget, including the incessant hours it will require to make them. Why not go for a staircase that will be delivered to your house, complete with all those finishings?

Some Overlooked Benefits Of Prefabricated Staircases

Most of us are a little apprehensive about accepting stuff that is new; it can be a tough choice to make at the end of the day. Below we will try to explore some benefits which can help you make a decision about prefabricated stairs with utmost confidence.

Cost benefits

This is one of the key reasons that people go for prefabricated stairs. The construction of the house usually requires so much of money that when it comes to the staircase there is a budget constraint and most of the times a shady job is done out of it. Prefabricated stairs can actually help you spare this horror! You save construction cost as well as labour cost because they come prepared for a quick installation which requires lesser people to do the job that would be required to make an entirely new set of stairs.​


Prefabricated stairs are manufactured in well-equipped workshops and factories which have high standards for quality. You can rest assured that the set of staircase that will reach you will be made to precision according to your specifications. This usually isn’t true for site built stairs as they are made manually and are prone to human errors of measurement.​

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Less Waste

Since all the construction work is carried out in factories, there is a minimal production of waste at your construction site. Apart from reducing the construction time it also means that there will be very less utilization of resources at the construction site.​

Choice and Variety

Prefabricated staircase opens a world of choices for you, since the past few years manufacturers have been experimenting with newer materials to make way for a new revolution of sorts. From a sleek staircase in steel, to a sturdy one in your favourite coloured wood, it’s all there!​


These staircases are very durable and have lower long term maintenance, but this varies according to the material selected. A wooden staircase may require continuous maintenance over a period of time while a steel staircase won’t have any such problem and thus can prove to be very efficient in the long term. This is one of the major concerns of people who want to make that one-time investment that will last them a decade, and prefabricated staircases can be that option for you.​

If you consider these factors in totality you would observe that it’s actually the investment for your home. It provides with all the benefits that a perfect staircase should add with the bonus of being made out of your own choice.​

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