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By Julia Lopez / September 5, 2015

To have the information is to be free from wasting money on advertisement. You can promote your site by using available SEO-services. Semalt in particular offers website optimization and keyword promotion services. Getting your individual promotion plan put together by professionals, while being more productive, will cost you significantly less than paying for clicks in Google AdWords.  Your website will be conquering upper positions, meaning more Internet users will see it.

 To sum it all up let’s remember which link we click when googling something.  The majority opens the first website in organic search results.  Of course, context advertisement doesn’t liberate web-sources from search engine requirements. Nevertheless, people are more inclined to trust the natural search, because advertisement leaves us with the  impression of something being forced on us and nobody likes that.

 Semalt covers all possible web-analytics fields and gives you the most accurate repоrts. With sufficient, encompassing data you are free to plan your promotion campaign. You can learn more about SEO-promotion on the info page.The calculations for assessing business profitability are quite simple.  As a rule beginning entrepreneurs base their calculations the sales rate, correlating profit and expenses.  In e-commerce field those calculations also include conversion rate.

Conversion is the users’ targeted action: ware purchase, service employment, signing up for news, special offer participation etc. Conversion and attendance rate correlation defines website performance. The user may not make an order the instant they are on the site however they may sign up for shop’s news and purchase several wares at once later. Therefore, all visitors’ actions are considered positive for conversion growth.

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We also should mention remarketing that has been gaining popularity in advertisement field. To put it shortly, remarketing involves you offering your clients positions they are interested in. Such position list is formed by monitoring previous orders and taking customer’s interests into account. The remarketing tactics also consider customer’s whereabouts (geo-location). For instance, a Miami citizen bought some sports food at the shop, filed the registration form and left their e-mail. Thus it would be logical to send them an e-mail offering sport inventory or clothes in future.

However this case can’t be related to everything. The website is visited daily by hundreds of people who are only planning to make a purchase. How would we know what they need? Is there a way learn how do they find given website on the Internet? This is why we have search suggestion analysis.

Keyword Search Result Position Analysis

Website’s semantic kernel. What are people googling for?

Adding keywords is your first step in new project creation in Semalt. This is vital basis for understanding your site’s position in search results. Semalt will assist you in search words and phrases selection. Your task is to pick out the most relevant ones.

We would like to make it clear: jumping on the most popular keywords bandwagon is not the way to go. Due to high competition a freshly created website has no chance of getting to TOP search results. It’s better to create separate groups for high-frequency, medium frequency and low frequency keywords –using the latter for promotion would be a great start for your website.


Website’s Semantic Kernel. What Are People Goggling For?

By Julia Lopez / April 15, 2015

Low frequency doesn’t mean “bad”.  Quite the opposite, they are the ones that attract target audience and affect the sale rates growth. For example, on “cheap dry-cleaning services” inquiry Google will certainly display the all prominent websites on the first page. They have high Google trust rank and impressive backlinks base, so starting with competing with them is not the best idea. Context advertisement and its 50$-for-a-click rates won’t solve your promotion issues either.  So how about leaving all these troubles to moneybags and using the possibilities of organic search to their full capacity?

Put Widgets In Their Place

By Julia Lopez / March 23, 2015

There is Suggestions button on the bottom of Dashboard. Click it to expand the keywords list.  You don’t need to add all at once. Reviewing the list carefully, marking the most relevant keywords and breaking them into groups would be the best thing to do.

Now select a time range on the calendar (month preferrably) and start positions update. Just in a couple of minutes you will realize how users find your websites in search results. You can learn here about keywords promotion.If there is any cost item in the world of online-business, it is web-analytics. At least, basic functional will be more than sufficient in the beginning. Further expenses can be cut down by choosing the most democratic rates.

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Web-analytics market offers a lot of outstanding services. Due to high competition making it dangerous to raise prices, everyone is trying to attract as many clients as possible. Going along with entrepreneurs’ wishes, SEO-companies develop new technologies, expand the range of services available, find new site promotion solutions.

Distinguished by its operating stability and data accuracy, Semalt service is unique in its own way. All Internet users have free access to Google SERP position analyzer.

Another reason for Semalt popularity is that it doesn’t require installing any counters and satisfies all informational needs, allowing monitoring your website’s position along with positions of your rivals.

Recommended Plugins

By Julia Lopez / February 3, 2015

Web-analytic services? Actually, Semalt Analytics is only tip of the iceberg.  The company’s main activities revolve around website optimization and promotion to Google TOP. The company also offers professional web-analytics pack with allows you to save history and gives extra tools.

Web-monitoring services: making the right choice

 First of all, different services can have different manner of data display for the same website. It depends on system’s methods and algorithms. For instance fake referral transitions in Google Analytics reports are actually transitions performed by search bots and interpreted as referrals by the system.

 It is important to pick only one monitoring service, because the end results may differ in rather disorienting way. As a result you may choose wrong tactic for your SEO-campaign.  It is easier to make decisions with only one web-analytics service and Semalt’s complex web-analysis and SEO services are perfect for the job.

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