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Tools For Website Owner

By Julia Lopez / October 27, 2015

 Security and stability Semalt is perfect for both small businesses and business giants.  The service is capable of working with large data volumes. With its servers present all over the globe, Semalt can operate in any country without effort, providing the highest stability possible. Google is an enormous corporation, providing Internet users with A-class data […]


Everything You Need For Right Decisions

By Julia Lopez / October 25, 2015

Aside from web-statistics monitoring there are such extra services: Report Center — mass report mailing customization Website Analyzer — website complex SEO-audit Semalt API — side sources integration Basic functions without an option to save monitoring history are free. Also there is no limit to number of websites the user can add to the list. […]


Semalt Services

By Julia Lopez / September 5, 2015

To have the information is to be free from wasting money on advertisement. You can promote your site by using available SEO-services. Semalt in particular offers website optimization and keyword promotion services. Getting your individual promotion plan put together by professionals, while being more productive, will cost you significantly less than paying for clicks in […]


Keyword Search Result Position Analysis

By Julia Lopez / May 24, 2015

Website’s semantic kernel. What are people googling for? Adding keywords is your first step in new project creation in Semalt. This is vital basis for understanding your site’s position in search results. Semalt will assist you in search words and phrases selection. Your task is to pick out the most relevant ones. We would like […]


Put Widgets In Their Place

By Julia Lopez / March 23, 2015

There is Suggestions button on the bottom of Dashboard. Click it to expand the keywords list.  You don’t need to add all at once. Reviewing the list carefully, marking the most relevant keywords and breaking them into groups would be the best thing to do. Now select a time range on the calendar (month preferrably) […]


Recommended Plugins

By Julia Lopez / February 3, 2015

Web-analytic services? Actually, Semalt Analytics is only tip of the iceberg.  The company’s main activities revolve around website optimization and promotion to Google TOP. The company also offers professional web-analytics pack with allows you to save history and gives extra tools. Web-monitoring services: making the right choice  First of all, different services can have different […]