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Built For Aesop Story Engine

By Julia Lopez / March 22, 2016

Web analytics answers all of these questions. Statistic monitoring tools are not by webmasters exclusively. Marketers, business managers and private entrepreneurs also work with those. Semalt is easy web-analytics system, available to everyone.  With this service you can determine the effectiveness of the keywords that promote the website in Google SERP and evaluate its visibility […]


How To Save Money Without Harming The Website

By Julia Lopez / November 25, 2015

Online business from scratch is more real than you think.  Creating a website to sale wares or services is way easier than launching your business offline. There is need to rent special office and hire large working estate when you can do just fine using the assistance of outsourcing companies and freelancers, ready to provide […]


Tools For Website Owner

By Julia Lopez / October 27, 2015

 Security and stability Semalt is perfect for both small businesses and business giants.  The service is capable of working with large data volumes. With its servers present all over the globe, Semalt can operate in any country without effort, providing the highest stability possible. Google is an enormous corporation, providing Internet users with A-class data […]


Keyword Search Result Position Analysis

By Julia Lopez / May 24, 2015

Website’s semantic kernel. What are people googling for? Adding keywords is your first step in new project creation in Semalt. This is vital basis for understanding your site’s position in search results. Semalt will assist you in search words and phrases selection. Your task is to pick out the most relevant ones. We would like […]


Full-Width Featured Images

By Julia Lopez / March 5, 2015

Web-analytics market offers a lot of outstanding services. Due to high competition making it dangerous to raise prices, everyone is trying to attract as many clients as possible. Going along with entrepreneurs’ wishes, SEO-companies develop new technologies, expand the range of services available, find new site promotion solutions. Distinguished by its operating stability and data […]