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Web analytics answers all of these questions. Statistic monitoring tools are not by webmasters exclusively. Marketers, business managers and private entrepreneurs also work with those.

Semalt is easy web-analytics system, available to everyone.  With this service you can determine the effectiveness of the keywords that promote the website in Google SERP and evaluate its visibility in Google search engine.  Semault is your expert team which is always at hand.

Those even remotely familiar with web-analytics systems are aware that special counter must be installed into website’s code to monitor the attendance. Using Semalt you can skip this part and proceed straight to the project creation. The developers created a fundamentally new, uncomplicated product, a system which makes monitoring your opponent’s positions and monitoring your websites possible. Each user can add as many websites to their project list as they want and they don’t have to own the web-source to check it for errors and monitor the keyword positions.